Operations hours: 6am - 9pm Mon - Fri | 7am - 5pm Sat (Except Public Holidays)

Houston's Prime daycare Center

Talents Child Care Center is a government-approved child care facility located in the southwest part of Houston, Texas. We cater to children - infant through school age, while ensuring the best and personalized care for every child under our care.
Family-owned, locally operated
Opened from 6am - 9pm, Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pm Sat (Except Public Holidays)
Safe, clean, and fun environment for your children
Help available with your child's homework
Best daycare center covering Creekbend Drive, Fondren, Gessner, West Airport, West Bellfort, Stafford, Missouri City, Bissonnet, Braeswood, and surrounding areas.
Well trained staff in first aid and CPR, as well as other areas of child development

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Our Program is designed for children ranging from 6 wks to 12 yrs of age. Your children are well cared for in a fun, interactive, and safe environment under the supervision of experienced adult care givers and educators. We focus on their cognitively problem-solving and critical thinking skills throughout their time with us. Learn about our mission

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6wks - 12mths
We train your infants to develop cognitively via appropriate physical, language, literacy, social, and emotional learning and development activities. Our tested daily curriculum is done in a safe and fun environment and is designed to help your infant's brain to grow optimally.
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1yr - 2yrs
Your toddler goes through an-age appropriate immersive and interactive experience which helps them develop their arithmetic, linguistic, artistic, and musical skills. They will learn basic addition and subtraction, counting, sentence formulation, sketching, and singing popular tunes.
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3yrs by Dec 31st
We help prepare your child for what we consider one of the most important phase of their life journey - structured/formal education. They go through a series of repetitive and practical activities to help enhance their emotional, cognitive, and mechanical skills in a safe, fun environment.
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4yrs by Dec 31st
We help your Pre-K child get ready for kindergarten by introducing them to storytelling, reading, writing, science, and a bit more advance arithmetic concepts. These skills include recognizing and naming basic shapes numbers, and colors, writing their names, and singing with alphabets.
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5yrs by Dec 31st
Your Kindergarten is now officially in formal education! At this time, we reinforce and help them practice more maths, reading, writing, shapes, and time concepts. They would begin mastering single-digit addition and subtraction, recognizing letters and forming , sounds, words, and be able to count up to 30.
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5yrs - 12yrs
Our flexible program is designed to meet the diverse interests and abilities of school-age children in a safe, clean, and friendly environment. Your child gets the time to unwind and relax after a school day, help with homework and test prep, participate in supervised games and activities including outdoor fun.
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Service Areas Covered:

We service families in Houston and surrounding areas including: Creekbend Drive, Fondren, Gessner, West Airport, West Bellfort, Stafford, Missouri City, Bissonnet, and Braeswood.

Operation Hours:

6am - 9pm Mon - Fri | 7am - 5pm Sat (Except Public Holidays)

Center Address:

8103 Creekbend Drive, Suite K Houston, TX 77071
Talents Childcare center